affordable, market-fresh fruit & vegetables delivered to your community

foodtogether is a collective of organisations working to support families and communities

Anyone Can Buy

We’re about making good food affordable, addressing isolation and creating community support networks. If this sounds like your thing why not join us. Its a simple matter of contacting a hub near you and placing an order. Pay your money in advance, then collect your produce the following week. Some Hubs offer an online payment facility others are cash only. You don’t have to order every week. Whatever works for you is fine with us.

Our Food Bag

You will receive a bag of fruit and a bag of vegetables for around half the price you will pay elsewhere. It’s a great deal. As little as $12 will go a long way to feeding a family of 4 for a week. The content of your order varies from week to week depending on what is available at the local market. Produce is fresh from the market!

Our Hubs

A collective of 8 Packing Hubs and over 40 Distribution Hubs operate in the Canterbury region. foodtogether has recently extended to other parts of the country. Hubs now also exist in Wellington and Auckland. Click on the location closest to you for contact details. Oxford, Rangiora, New Brighton, Bryndwr, St Alban’s, Riccarton and Hoon Hay.

get by with a little help from your friends

foodtogether is supported by the Healthy Life Trust

Healthy Life Trust

The Healthy Life Trust was formed in 2014 and is committed to relieving poverty, protecting human dignity, providing food and shelter, education and health care. Packing hubs operate under the foodtogether brand through a license with the Healthy Life Trust. The Trust is based in Christchurch. Contact: Craig Dixon (Chair) on m: 021 2390 555 or e: 

About foodtogether

We’re a collective of local organisations supporting healthy living and community connectedness. We see ourselves working alongside, rather than replacing other providers of fresh fruit and vegetables. Packing Hubs are run by a mix of not-for-profit Trusts, Churches and Incorporated Societies. We provide over 2,300 orders weekly to communities throughout Canterbury and have recently commenced supplying produce in Wellington and Auckland.

Joining Together

Over 300 volunteers a week work to support our activities. If you’re interested in joining the foodtogether collective, contact Craig Dixon. Craig is the Development Manager for the Healthy Life Trust. He started the food programme over 25 years ago while vicar of the Anglican Parish of Bryndwr in Christchurch. Craig’s contact details are: e: or  m: 021 2390 555