Christchurch Hubs

Riccarton Packing & Distribution Hub / Christchurch

Foodtogether Riccarton is based at the Riccarton Community Church, 40-44 Elizabeth St, Riccarton, Christchurch. Operates on a Wednesday. Packing from 9:00am. Pickup from 10:30am. Contact Jonny Parry-Jennings on 021 228 9485

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St Alban’s Packing & Distribution Hub / Christchurch

Foodtogether St Alban’s is situated close to the central city at Empower Church carpark, 140 Springfield Road, St Alban’s, Christchurch. Operates on a Wednesday. Packing from 9:30am. Pickup from 10:30am to 1pm. Contact Mark Hudson on 027 9157789
Order cost is $15.00

Checkout their Facebook page HERE

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Bryndwr Packing & Distribution Hub / Christchurch

Foodtogether Bryndwr is stuated at St Aidan’s Anglican Church, 63 Brookside Terrace, Bryndwr, Christchurch.  Operates on a Wednesday. Packing from 7.00am, pickup from 8am to 11.00am. Contact the Bryndwr Parish Office on 03 351 8075

Order price is $14.00

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New Brighton Packing & Distribution Hub / Christchurch

Foodtogether New Brighton based at St Faith’s Anglican Church, 46 Hawke Street, New Brighton, Christchurch. The New Brighton Hub operates on a Tuesday. Packing from 10:30am, pickup from 1.00pm. To order, contact the St Faith’s Parish Office on 03 388 9118

Order price is $10.00

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Christchurch South Packing & Distribution Hub / Christchurch

Food(together} Christchurch South is situated at 5 Downing St, Hoon Hay, Christchurch. Packing begins around 8am each Wednesday and we are usually finished by about 10am. Packs are taken to various distribution points and distributed later in the day.

Check out details of how to join by emailing or checking the list of our distributions points HERE.

Order price: Standard Pack $14.00.

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Opawa Packing & Distribution Hub / Christchurch

Foodtogether Opawa offers the $15 mixed fruit and veg pack for pick up at the Opawa Baptist Church, 285 Wilsons Road, Opawa, Wednesdays 11.00am – 1.00pm.

Please contact Emma Richardson on 027 201 4568

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North Canterbury Hubs

Rangiora Packing & Distribution Hub / Christchurch

Foodtogether Rangiora is located at the Rangiora Baptist Church, 111 East Belt, Rangiora.  Pick up is between 12.00 – 5.00pm Tuesday. Order anytime before 12 noon Friday at the Hope Cafe or phone –  03 313 4997

Order cost – $15.00.

Foodtogether Rangiora is part of the HOPE COMMUNITY TRUST & CAFE

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Oxford Packing & Distribution Hub / Christchurch

Foodtogether Oxford (formerly known as Oxford Fruit & Vege Co-op) is located at the Oxford Baptist Church, 166 High Street, Oxford. Packing starts every Tuesday at 9.00am and pick up is from 12.30 – 3.30pm.

Order cost $15.00 (standard) or $25 (large) Please contact Tamar  027 303 4084

Check out our Facebook page HERE

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Auckland Hubs

Auckland Packing & Distribution Hub

Foodtogether Auckland is situated at Mount Wellington Community Church – 1 Waipuna Road, Mount Wellington. Order price is $15. ORDER ONLINE  or by emailing:

Contact phone number: Russell – 09-527 7595. On-line payments (using a unique code you will receive on registration) required by Monday 6.00pm.Foodtogether Auckland a/c: 02 0152 0564905 000.

Collect you order on Wednesdays between 10.00am and 4.00pm from the Church – 1 Waipuna Road, Mt Wellington.

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Wellington Hubs

Wellington Packing & Distribution Hub

Details to come

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