Packing Hubs

Packing Hubs receive produce weekly, fresh from the market. They are community-based and operated by predominantly volunteers. Each Hub conveys its weekly order numbers to the Produce Buyer. The produce is then transported to wherever the Hubs are  located by a freight company. Volunteers then pack the produce into biodegradable bags ready for collection.

Distribution Hubs

Distribution Hubs are satellite stations linked to Packing Hubs. They take orders and convey the number of ‘our food bags’ weekly to their local Packing Hub. Distribution Hubs operate out of churches, schools, businesses, homes and a variety of community facilities.

Packing Hub Startup

If you’re interested in becoming part of foodtogether and want to set up and operate a Packing Hub in your area, please get in touch. We’re keen to help. Contact Craig Dixon e:  m: 021 2390 555. We can discuss your needs, explain how the Healthy Life Trust foodtogether license operates and look to sending you a Packing Hub Startup Kit.